Starting A Business After Retirement – Planning Is The Key

Retirement Self Employed

Forget about the gold watch. You didn’t need it anyway, unless of course you’re thinking of opening a watch repair business in your later years. Baby boomers are becoming more realistic about their futures, and have different expectations about retirement then their parents did. They don’t expect the gold watch and farewell dinner after a […]

How To Properly Ask For A Raise At Work

Talking to Boss

Time to ask for a raise? That can set off the panic. What to say? What’s most convincing? What if the boss says no? Let’s begin by looking at whose needs to consider first — yours or the boss’s. Your needs: “I deserve a raise: work very hard, been here over a year, you give […]

Personal Finance Basics – Managing And Investing Your Money

Investment Chart

Most people see the stock market as a game of chance full of strange terms, confusing “instruments” and unknown rules. It can be scary if you don’t know anything about it, but it’s easy to learn. Once you’ve mastered the basics and talked to experienced professionals, you’ll find it’s a great place to let your […]

How To Choose Seeds For Your Garden

Garden Seeds

There is nothing like planning your vegetable, herb, and flower garden over a cup of hot mint tea and with the latest seed catalogs, preferably in front of a log fire. By learning a little bit about seeds and their terminology, you can be informed about what you are buying and prepared to order seeds […]

The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga Class

Yoga can have physical, mental and/or spiritual benefits. The affect it has depends on you. The main physical benefits are a supple and toned physique. The mental benefits are clarity and calmness of the mind. Spiritual benefits are harder to define. Perhaps it can be described as an increasing awareness of the oneness of all. […]

Beginner Running Tips – How To Start Out On The Right Foot

Running Partners

If you’d like to make running part of your life, here’s some sage advice for beginners. Before you envision yourself breaking the record at the next Boston Marathon, there are a few things you need to do to get started, especially if you’ve never run before. Tish Hamilton, a member of the New York Road […]